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Storrington Primary

 Junior Road Safety Officers

              Our favourite patrol was when we were joined by a policeman! He helped us to understand the parking rules- it was very exciting!

We (Storrington Primary School Junior Road Safety Officers) have been working hard to improve the parking outside the school. We have been patrolling the street weekly and have created our own parking tickets!

We have observed a decrease in the quantity of tickets we have had to issue- we only had to issue one in our most recent patrol, which suggested a definite improvement. We also note down number plates and make general notes to help us spot patterns across the weeks.

 We think the road outside our school could be made safer by making creating:

 1)    ’20 is plenty’ signs

 2)   Zebra crossings on Spierbridge Road

 3)   Railings to stop young children walking onto the road

 What do you think? We are going to send this to West Sussex to try and persuade them to take action.

 JRSO Bulletin