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Storrington Primary

Covid-19 Information

Welcome back! 

We are very excited to welcome everyone back and cannot wait to reconnect with you all. 

As you will appreciate, there is a lot to consider in light of the most recent guidance and many new arrangements need to be put in place to ensure  our school community remains as safe as possible as we join together again in school.  Below is an outline of our current plans, we will update with further details as necessary.

Please ensure you wear a face covering when entering the office foyer.  

Update 24th September 2020:  As of Monday, we would respectfully ask all adults to wear face masks when on school property, drop off and pick up times on the playground and in the car park. It would also be great if you would wear face masks whilst queuing in the morning and afternoon. As COVID rates rise, it is really important that we all work together to ensure our community is as safe as possible. Adults will not be permitted to enter any part of the school or school grounds without a facemask.

Thank you as always for your continued support.


Home School Agreement

Parents and children need to ensure they have signed and returned our Home School Agreement which can be found here. 


Risk Assessments

Reception and Year 1

Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6


Drop Off and Pick Up Times for Y1- Y6

Morning and afternoon drop off and pick up times will be staggered to avoid mass gatherings and enable social distancing where possible.   Children will be dropped off and collected based on their school house   e.g., Parham / Stor / Warren / Fryern.  This will enable siblings to be dropped off at the same time.  Please note, children will be dropped at the relevant gate as laid out below  regardless of their year group, to enable a smooth transition into school in the mornings and to minimize congestion. 

Start of the day arrangements 

Fryern drop off Infant entrance for all children KS1 and KS2  8:40am – 8:50am 

Warren  drop off Junior entrance for all children KS1 and KS2  8:40am – 8:50am 

Parham drop off infant entrance for all children in K1 and KS2  8:55am – 9:05am 

Stor drop off Junior entrance for all children KS1 and KS2  8:55am – 9:05am 

End of the day arrangements 

Fryern  pick up infant entrance for all children in KS1 and KS2  3:00pm – 3:10pm 

Warren  pick up Junior entrance for all children KS1 and KS2  3:00pm – 3:10pm 

Parham pick up Infant entrance for all children KS1 and KS2 3:15pm 

Stor  pick up Junior entrance for all children KS1 and KS2 3:15pm 

We appreciate that these times differ from prior to lockdown.  It is essential however that children arrive on time and at the correct time to ensure social distancing can be abided by.  We will review these timings fortnightly. 

Update 07/09/2020 Fryern House and Parham House: drop off and pick up via the KS1 gate.  You will need to enter through the staff car park into the playground.  Once you have collected your child, please exit through the infant/KS1 path and out the gate.  Stor House and Warren House: drop off at the KS2 front gate.  At pick up you will need to enter via the KS2 gate and walk down to the KS2 playground and collect your child from there.  Please be mindful of social distancing when lining up on Spierbridge Road. 


Organisation of Children 

The children will be learning in their class groups during the day and joining with their  partner class for playtimes and lunchtimes. This will be their ‘bubble’.  To minimize the risk of transmission, communal learning areas such as the kitchen or library will be timetabled and deep cleaned as appropriate in between uses. 


Uniform and Personal Belongings

Children will be expected to wear full school uniform to school. Guidance states there is no need for fresh clothes each day. We insist that on PE days the children come to school in their school PE kit. There will be no changing on these days. This is an interim measure for the autumn 1 term and will be reviewed half termly.  

PE Timetable:

Monday - Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 

Tuesday - Reception and Year 3

Wednesday - Year 1 and Year 4

Thursday - Year 5 and Year 6

Friday - Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6


No bags will be permitted to school. Children will need to bring lunchboxes and other items in a plastic bag. 

Children will have their own set of stationary including pencils rubbers etc. and will not be permitted to bring their own in from home. 

Should children wish to wear PPE equipment; this will be provided by school as children and visitors will not be permitted to bring their own in. 

Books can be taken from school and brought back to school.  


School Office and Communication 

The school office will be open for urgent enquiries, deliveries and for staff, volunteers and visitors to sign in only . We would urge everyone to contact school either by phone or email where possible. This is to minimise any additional risk to our staff and children.  Should you have an urgent enquiry that cannot be dealt with via phone or email please be aware that only one person or family group will be admitted  into the office area at a time.  This is due to limited space in the foyer and the need to keep all of our community safe.  Anyone waiting to speak to the office about an urgent matter will be expected to observe social distancing measures whilst waiting along the path. 

The website will be updated daily with all relevant information and letters and our wonderful team will be on hand to help via telephone or email. 

Lost property will be kept under the bike shelter and will be removed weekly. 

Hygiene and respiratory routines will be followed in school according to the guidance. 



Universal Free School meals are free meals for all children in Reception , Year 1 and Year 2 (KS1). These children will still be provided with a free school hot meal from Chartwells and will be able to eat in the school hall at staggered times in their class bubble.  Alternatively, KS1 children can opt for a packed lunch from home instead of their free school meal.  

Children who are in receipt of Free School Meals (by an application approved by West Sussex ) will still receive their free hot school meal. 

Children in Years 3, 4,5 & 6 will need to bring a packed lunch and drink everyday. This has been done so we can limit hall use and keep children in their year bubbles.



Letters Home

Re-Opening Letter

KS2 Lunch Letter

Reception Start Letter Update 27th July 2020